Brunch Basket

Brunch Basket

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We've got everything to start your Sunday off right! Pick up on Saturday for Sunday Morning. 

Serves 6+ People


Mechants Pinsons x Zab Torréfacteur Guatemala Espresso Whole Beans (340 Grams)
Tasting Notes: Almond Paste, Caramel, Apple

Barb's Caesar Mix (1 Litre)

6 Valens Farms Quebec Local Organic Large Chicken Eggs

Quebec Thick Cut Bacon

Meunerie Urbaine Sourdough Bread (6 Slices)

Emerald Grasslands Salted Butter (250 Grams)

Lavender Marmelade

Annie's Greens

Cottage Granola
Oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut, golden raisins, apple, strawberry, chia, flax, Quebec honey, Quebec maple syrup, fleur de sel.

Greek Yogurt with Blueberry Compote

3 Fairmount Sesame Seed Bagels

3 Fairmount Poppy Seed Bagels

Cream Cheese

Cured Ontario Trout Filet

Red Onions, Capers and Lemon


* allergy fish, gluten, eggs, pork, dairy, sesame.